Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems

As a machine learning student, I used to simply treat machine learning problems ‘kagglewise’, taking ‘quick wins’ by building, tuning models on notebooks and showing off the best performed experiment on social media, or wherever can make my friends jealous. However, as my thesis work went on, the term ‘MLOps’, which stands for Machine Learning… Read more.

Published by Tianzong Wang 3 months ago.

Towards an Interpretable Machine Learning, an Introduction

If you are like me, who have experienced a hard transition from statistical learning straight towards deep learning, you know how confused I was. Unlike before, when you carefully designed and selected some features from your data, you now visit Webhallen for the latest GPU (thanks to Bitcoin you may need a deeper pocket), format… Read more.

Published by Tianzong Wang 3 months ago.

AI for Social Good (AI4SG)

  As a tech enthusiast like many of us here, my passion for AI has originated from the cool applications that bring considerable commercial value, say Tesla; or the endless effort that keeps pushing the margin further from academia, you name it; or even the AI generated artistic vibe like Deep Dream. Along with my… Read more.

Published by Tianzong Wang 4 months ago.

First post

This is a temporary placeholder which can be deleted when we publish a real first post.

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