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As a grassroots movement, we’re super proud to see various member initiatives take form and to support them the best we can. We’re happy to discuss any ideas you’d find supportive to our community as a whole.

Below you can browse through our current activities and events. Feel free to get in touch with a board members if you want to help out or participate in any of our activities and events. We always encourage and welcome new ideas and initiatives.

Distilling AI

Distilling AI is a study group where we digest different AI-related concepts to arrive at intuitive abstractions and visualizations. Every series of topics is distilled by smaller intimate groups during a few sessions and later shared with the community.

Want to start your own initiative?

Stockholm AI encourages and welcomes new ideas and initiatives. All our current activities have been started by our members.

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Stockholm AI welcomes people who want to contribute to the organisation and the AI community in Stockholm. To get involved, please sign up below or contact info@stockholm.ai.

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