Study Group #8: ML in Production

Max Berggren

Head of Data and Analytics, Sellpy

Armin Catovic

Sr. Full Stack Developer, Machine Learning & AI, Ericsson

Study Group #7: Tensorflow Deep Dive

Agrin Hilmkil

AI Research Engineer at Peltarion

Carl Thomé

Machine Learning Engineer at DoReMIR Music Research

Study Group #6: Direct Feedback Alignment and Handwriting Recognition

Erik Rehn

Co-founder at Flow Neuroscience, Vice Chairman of Stockholm AI

Taras Kucherenko

Ph.D. candidate in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics, at KTH

Study Group #5

Ather Gattami

CEO at Bitynamics

Nikolaus West

Product Owner - Recommendation, at Volumental

Study Group #4

Anders Arpteg

Principal Data Scientist at Peltarion

Oliver Gäfvert

PHD Student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Study Group 3

Anton Osika

AI Research engineer at Sana

Amaru Cuda Gyllensten

Research Scientist at SICS Swedish ICT

Study Group 2

Anders Huss

Head of Machine Learning at Watty

Mikael Huss

Senior Data Scientist at IBM

Study Group 1

Lars Sjösund

Senior AI Research Engineer at Peltarion, Chairman of Stockholm AI

Anders Huss

Head of Machine Learning at Watty