Summit #9: Unsupervised Learning

Mårten Nilsson

Algorithm Engineer, Tobii

Hanna Gruselius

Machine Learning Engineer, RaySearch

David Silverstein

Consultant, Solvable Systems

Meetup #8: Starting a Company in AI & Health

Hannes Bretschneider

Cofounder of Deep Genomics, PhD student at University of Toronto

Max Gordon

CEO at DeepMed

Erik Fredlund

Senior Data Scientist & CEO at DoubleStrand Bioinformatics

Meetup #7: Applied AI & keeping up with global competition in the area of AI

Danica Kragic Jensfeldt

Professor at the School of Computer Science and Communication, Vice Dean KTH

Lars Maaløe

Co-founder and CTO at Corti

Mike O'Rourke

Head of Machine Intelligence and Data Services at Nasdaq

Meetup #6: Reinforcement Learning

Dr. Johannes A. Stork

Post Doctoral Researcher at KTH, robotics perception and learning lab and the center for autonomous systems

Stefan Magureanu

Ph.D candidate in Artificial Intelligence, focus on Reinforcement Learning at KTH

Tobias Ley

Technology incubation lead at Ericsson

Meetup #5: AI in virtual worlds

Magnus Nordin

Technical Director, SEED / EA

Ricky Helgesson

CEO at Univrses

Oskar Juhlin

Professor at Stockholm University

Meetup #4: Creativity & AI

Gene Kogan

Programmer, primate ✌️ contributor @ML4A_ + @OPENFRAMEWORKS

Tero Parviainen

Senior software engineer at

Luba Elliott

Artist, researcher, producer of

Stéphane Bura

Creative director at

Meetup #3

Mikael Huss

Data scientist at Peltarion

Jillian Schwiep

Blue Yard Capital Venture Fellow

Luka Crnkovic-Friis

Co-founder at Peltarion

Lisa Mallner

Project Manager at Nordic AI

Pelle Sommansson

Boston Consulting Group, principal at BCG Gamma

Meetup #2

Ola Cornelius

CEO at Nerve AB

Erik Rehn

Co-founder at Flow Neuroscience

Taneli Tikka

Head IoT and Innovation at Tieto Data-Driven Businesses

Christian Guttmann

Innovation Director at Healthihabits and Karolinska AI in Healthcare

Egil Martinsson

Freelance Machine Learning Engineer, Treasurer for Stockholm AI

Ted Persson

VC at EQT Ventures

Andreas Thorstensson

VC at EQT Ventures

Summit #11: AI Ethics, Fairness and Privacy

Matthias Spielkamp

Co-Founder of AlgorithmWatch

Alberto Hernando

CTO of Kido | Dynamics

Evelina Anttila

General Counsel at Peltarion

Summit #10: Data quality and acquiring training data

Daniel Langkilde

Co-Founder at Annotell

Fredrik Olsson

Senior Research Scientist at RISE AI

Jörg Schneider

Senior Data Engineer at BCG Gamma Munich

Meetup #1

Joseph Michael

Head of Startup/Tech at City of Stockholm

Hjalmar Nilsonne

CEO at Watty

Magnus Sahlgren

Founder & Chief Scientist at Gavagai

Bjarke Staun-Olsen

Investment Manager at Creandum