Perhaps write out some inquires like finance, partnerships/sponsor, general inquiries, administrative and link the proper email adresses.

Patrik Liu Tran

Chair of Stockholm AI, Mentorship Program Manager

CEO at Validio, PhD

Ingrid af Sandeberg

Vice Chair of Stockholm AI

Head of Marketing and Commercialisation at Validio

Ali Leylani

Treasurer of Stockholm AI, Mentorship Program Manager

Chief Data Scientist at Granditude

Carl Samuelsson

Secretary of Stockholm AI

Data Scientist at Spotify

Jim Holmström

Board Member & Head of IT, Stockholm AI

Machine Learning Engineer at Aiwizo

Adam Aboode

Board Member of Stockholm AI, Job Board Manager

Data Scientist at Klarna

Evelina Anttila

Board Member of Stockholm AI

General Counsel & AI Ethics Officer at Peltarion

Petra Dalunde

Board Member & Head of Partnership, Stockholm AI

Node Manager at AI Innovation of Sweden