Come on board!

Stockholm AI is looking for new board members!

Are you interested in becoming a board member of the largest AI community in Stockholm? Are you interested in helping to develop an important meeting place about the coolest technology of our times?

As a member of the board you will be part of a team which leads and enables the creation of many exciting events and activities across the community. In the course of your work you will also get the possibility to network with many interesting people, both from within the organization as well as from academia and industry.

We are looking for people who have a genuine interest in the area of AI and machine learning, and who are willing to engage in the work to make Stockholm AI an even better, more inclusive, and more relevant organization than it is today, contributing to make Stockholm a great city for AI.

If you are interested please contact the election committee,, and provide a short description of yourself and why you think you would become a suitable member of the board of Stockholm AI.

Deadline to apply and be reviewed by the election comitttée is at midnight on 14th of April.

Email your interest


Description of Roles within the Board

Chair of the Board
The role as the Chair of the Board of Stockholm AI is very broad. At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to ensure that the organization is functioning in line with the statues of the organization (having regular Board meetings and annual meeting and making sure that other bodies of the organization such as the election committee and internal auditor are functioning well, etc.) as well as regulations and laws (such as accounting, taxation, VAT etc.). Besides that, you have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the operational activities are carried out according to plan. New initiatives such as initiating and defining collaborations with other organizations from a strategic level is also a part of the role.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Vice Chair
As the Vice-Chair your main responsibility is to serve as Chair of the Board in the latter’s absence and in that case carry out the duties assigned to this role. Besides this, as a Board member, you are responsible for understanding and serving the needs and interests of the Stockholm AI community with the purpose of guaranteeing that 1) the community keeps flourishing, 2) our actions are in line with our reason and purpose as stated in our statutes, 3) we are, in general, operating in line with our statutes.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Head of Partnerships
Head of Partnerships is one of our Board positions that, in addition to the common responsibilities of Board work that apply to all positions, have additional dedicated responsibilities. The dedicated responsibilities are first and foremost for you to work with our existing partners, helping them and our community to get the most out of their engagement. It also involves finding and on-board new sponsorship and event partners. As Head of Partnerships, you are the go-to-person for partners, as well as for partnership-related questions.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

The main responsibility as Secretary of Stockholm AI is to ensure transparency of the organization by maintaining Board meeting protocols and policy documents in an easily accessible way. Preferably, you would be expected to take notes during the Board meetings whenever possible. Moreover, the role includes ensuring that all communication between the Board and the members are in accordance with GDPR legislations.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

As the treasurer you’re in charge of everything which has with money to do. In practice this means: paying bills (Eventbrite, Meetup expenses, gcloud, website, paypal etc), collecting receipts, do our accounting (in Speedledger), keep in contact with various event-initiators and make sure they’re reimbursed, closing the books, and of course – being on the board.

2019 we had roughly 300k sek turnover and some 100 verifications so it’s very manageable. If you speak Swedish and know some basic accounting this is a great position to learn about all our activities and make more things happen.

Reach out to Ali ( if you want to know more about life as treasurer.

Head Of IT
The Head Of It is ensuring that working and effective IT systems are in place for the organization. These systems you are working with include, but are not limited to: website, email accounts, members list, social media and general IT security. The role also importantly includes protecting the members’ data in accordance with GDPR.

Contact Jim ( for more information.

General Board Position
On the Board there are also two general positions. In this role you can take on various tasks that the Board finds important and which do not fall under the other Board members’ duties.

Contact Evelina ( or Adam ( for more information.


Other Positions

Internal Auditor

In the role as internal auditor, your main tasks are to examine the board’s administration and the financials for the past year of operation, and to write an audit report for the annual meeting. You should also assist the board in interpreting the statues, when questions arise. As an auditor you have a right to access the organization’s bookkeeping, protocols, and other documents.

For more information, contact

Election Committee

The election committee is appointed by the annual meeting, and can consist of one or several members. Your mission is primarily to prepare a proposal for candidates to the board for the annual meeting. The work consists of interviewing the current board to find out if there are any needs for change, and then search for and interview suitable candidates among the members of the organization. The suggestions of the election committee are then sent out together with the other information in advance of the annual meeting.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information.