Budget Policy

Activities performed by Stockholm AI members, with the explicit purpose to further the development of the community, shall be eligible for expensing to the community within reasonable limits, given that the financial situation of the community is not significantly negatively impacted.

  • Expenses up to SEK 500 can be made without prior approval
  • Expenses above SEK 500 are to be reported to the Board within one calendar week
  • Expenses up to SEK 5 000 can be made with the prior approval of two board members
  • Expenses above SEK 5 000 requires approval from a majority of the board members*

The board should be informed of expenses incurred above SEK 500 promptly (within one working day).

* For definition of “majority”, please refer to the statutes.

This policy was accepted by the board by the 6th of November 2019 (board protocol).