Board of 2020

Say hello to our new board of 2020 👋

During the annual meeting of 2020 for the Stockholm AI organization earlier this week, a new board was elected by the members at the annual/electoral meeting. We are delighted to introduce the new board of 2020, constituting of:

  • Chair: Patrik Tran
  • Vice Chair: Ingrid af Sandeberg
  • Head of Partnership: Petra Dalunde
  • Secretary: Carl Samuelsson
  • Treasurer: Ali Leylani
  • Head of IT: Jim Holmström
  • General Position: Evelina Anttila
  • General Position: Adam Aboode

From the above constitution, we note that the board of 2020 consists of 50% new members, which is the largest rotation of board members in the history of the organization and which will bring new and fresh ideas to the organization. Moreover, we are glad to present a more diverse board than previously, with ⅜ female board members. 

Welcoming a new board means inevitably saying goodbye to an old one. For the outgoing board members, the community of Stockholm AI would wholeheartedly like to thank Reynaldo Boulogne, Egil Martinsson and Alexander Rad for all your contributions and devotions towards the organization. 🙏

The election committee for next year consists of: Savas Caliskan (chair), Urban Eriksson (member) and Egil Martinsson (member). The auditor (sakrevisor) is Amir Rahnama.

Moreover, we would like to thank the election committee (Urban Eriksson and Amir Rahnama) for their hard work with the election procedure and to Savas Casliskan, who has done a great job as internal auditor for the organization since its inception but who we will now see in the election committee instead.

Lastly, we’d like to express our gratitude towards all the candidates who applied. With a record-high interest this year, many truly great candidates did not get elected this time. We hope that you will be active in other roles within the community and candidate again next year.

Kindest regards,

Stockholm AI board of 2020