Study Group #11: Gradient Compression

Mike Solomon

CEO at Meeshkan Machine Learning

SUP46, Regeringsgatan 65, 111 56 Stockholm
18:00-20:00, December 9

What we do

Stockholm AI was established to act as a platform for exchanging knowledge between experts in different fields relating to AI, and we encourage our members to take initiative and arrange events. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you wish to contribute or give us feedback.

The following list (link) shows the current activities and events going on within Stockholm AI. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the responsible people if you want to help out or participate in the activities and events. Also, if you want to initiate an event or activity which is not already going on, please contact a board member (link) and propose your ideas. Stockholm AI always encourages and welcomes new ideas and initiatives.


The Stockholm AI meetups aims to bring together a broader audience of AI professionals, startups, investors and academia in the AI sphere together to understand the current state of the technology and what is in store for the near future.

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Study Group

The purpose of the Stockholm AI study groups is to go into depth on research articles, concepts, blog post, and master’s theses. This to advance professional practitioners of AI and machine learning to increase their practical and theoretical skills.

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Castle AI

The Castle AI workshops take place roughly every two weeks and focus on deep learning. One important aspect of Castle AI is that the guest lecturers are asked to explain the subjects in a way which welcomes both beginners and people who are more familiar within the field. The workshops often end with coding or discussion sessions, where the attendants collaborate to explore or try to solve some issue introduced by the guest lecturers.

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Job Board

Stockholm AI job board gathers all the relevant job within AI in Stockholm, which is broadcasted to all of our members.

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Academic Reading Group

Takes place at KTH every 2-3 weeks. The academic reading group meets to discuss scientific ML/AI papers to broaden the understanding of the underlying theory and learn about new methods.

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Stockholm AI arranges a mentorship program for all Stockholm AI members. Mentees who want to learn things related to AI, for example deep learning, business aspects of AI, random forest or ethical aspects within AI, are matched with appropriate and experienced mentors. Are you interested in mentoring or being mentored?

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Weekly Hack

The weekly AI hacks serves as an relaxed open forum where AI enthusiasts gathers to get help with, work on, and discuss AI related projects. Bring a laptop, research paper or just your ideas and have a nice cup of coffee with the Stockholm AI community.

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Distilling AI

Distilling AI is a study group where we digest different AI-related concepts to arrive at intuitive abstractions and visualizations. Every series of topics is distilled by smaller intimate groups during a few sessions and later shared with the community.

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Stockholm AI is an independent non-profit organisation serving as an open forum to bring industry professionals and researchers in the Stockholm area together to discuss recent and future developments. We arrange meetups, hackathons, study groups and other events that cover a wide range of topics from the field of AI, with the aim of making Stockholm a natural centre in the world of machine learning.

Organisational Information
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  • March 2015

    First AI Summit

  • April 2016

    First Weekly Hack

  • January 2017

    A non-profit is Born

  • June 2017

    First Study Group

  • November 2017

    First Academic Reading Group

  • January 2018

    Castle AI joins Stockholm AI

  • January 2018

    Facebook Group Reaches 1000 members

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